Please read – this is why you are not getting email replies … original post title: The right time for some me time

Around Christmas I posted about In Tenerife returning to its origins as a personal blog and I am glad I did draw some kind of line under the avalanche of queries that had been generated by both Brexit and covid. I said at the time that although it was a reset, I was particularly touched by the response which showed that the website had quite clearly created a kind of community of really quite serious readers, of like-minded people who all love this place and for whom it’s more than just a quick holiday each year. I said at the time that there was no danger that the website wouldn’t continue, and continue it will even though I myself am now going to enjoy some of the retirement I promised myself when we first came to Tenerife in 2004!

So, I will still be posting news that interests me or that I think is important or significant, as well as official announcements. But I won’t be responding to general email enquiries any longer … there is a search box on the right and it works really quite reasonably well with key words, and if it doesn’t throw up anything then the chances are there isn’t a post on the matter anyway. I will also keep the Readers Comments page going so that those readers who enjoy contributing or speaking to each other can continue to do so … and I will participate too because I enjoy this site as well! 

I wasn’t going to post to say this, but then thought an explanation was deserved, and it gives me a chance to thank you all, genuinely so very much, for the support and enjoyment and contributions and understanding over the years. I don’t actually like the word retirement, and a lady of leisure lifestyle really is not my sort of thing, but some me time has been overdue for some time and now it’s the right time.