Winners of the Bono Turístico Canario vacation voucher can now activate them to arrange their staycation

Updated 30 July: I now know two winners of these bonos and wish I’d entered the draw for one myself! Those who have won can now activate their vouchers, Turismo says, with accommodation activations starting next week. There is full official information HERE.

Original post 9 June: The Canarian Government has launched a tourism recovery initiative which includes a measure that will give some lucky residents in these islands a contribution to a staycation. The Government is providing 50,000 vouchers each worth €200 which will be allocated by a draw among those who register during the first two weeks of July, the winners being drawn on the 14th and announced the following day. Winners on a staycation in the Canaries this year will be able to use the vouchers up to the end of 2021. The website to register is HERE (not yet active, and you can expect quite heavy usage so it might be slow or crash when it does go live).