The Verónicas finally to be demolished

It’s been rumoured for years, and it might yet still be a rumour, but it looks more likely than ever that the Verónicas is finally to be demolished.

Arona Ayuntamiento appears to be planning the complete demolition of the buildings forming the notorious clubs and bars of Tenerife Uncovered in order to replace them with an upmarket commercial and entertainment centre. Such a possibility has been aired ever since the opening of the Maya department store opposite, itself decidedly upmarket.

Meetings have apparently already taken place with Víctor Sánchez, president of the Asociación de Empresarios de Playa de Las Américas y Costa Adeje (Aepaca), representing the owners of the locales in the Verónicas centre, who appear to agree that the whole area needs updating, though they express concern at what they will do during the four years the renovations are likely to take.

Their businesses have been suffering for years, it has to be said, as a result of the area’s notoriety, with prostitution and violence taking over the streets late at night, and constant disruption to through traffic due to various and ongoing local authority roadworks during the day. Some say the disruption was always intended to “persuade” the centre’s owners to see eye to eye with local politicians who have long wanted to update the region. PV

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  1. I ve been going to tenerife 3 times a year since i was 10.. when i was 22 i worked on the strip for 2 years.. planet football,bonkers and for marco m.o.s…. loved it.. and now when we go its just not the same..

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