They may regret it (!) but the Tenerife Cabildo has thrown open to the public the competition for suggestions to improve sustainable tourism

Whenever any environmental project is announced, there are frequently a great number who think the proposal is ill-judged, or who have a better plan, or consider the authorities don’t know what they’re doing for a range of reasons. Well, here is your chance! The Tenerife Cabildo is actively soliciting ideas from the public, as well as from professional and business sectors, to improve sustainable tourism. The campaign is a Concurso de Buenas Prácticas en Sostenibilidad Turística (competition for good ideas in sustainable tourism), and anyone can propose anything as long as it is based on helping to find ways of improving and helping tourism in environmentally sustainable ways.

In my experience, there are plenty who have lots to say, so go for it, as they say! Suggestions can be made HERE any time before 14 October: the terms and conditions for participation are HERE. All proposals will be evaluated by a jury of experts and, in the case of the public competition, will also be submitted to a popular vote. The professional competition will include four different categories so that the entire sector is represented and each participant competes on equal terms: these categories are good sustainable practice in local administrations, better product or sustainable service in the nature tourism sector, good sustainable practice in tourist accommodation (hotel and non-hotel), and best practice of non-accommodative sustainable tourism.

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