Romanian thief arrested after British couple robbed on street in Playa de las Américas

Arona Policía Local arrested a 34-year-old Romanian man yesterday for a pickpocket robbery committed on Wednesday afternoon in Avenida de las Américas (the Golden Mile) near the Safari commercial centre. The victims were a British couple, and the thief lifted the woman’s purse from her bag and made off with 720 Pounds and 120 Euros.

Thanks to walking around the area again yesterday morning, the couple managed to identify the robber and flag down the Policía Local, who arrested the Romanian. He is now being processed at the Comisaría.

El Dia says that this individual is well known both to the police and generally in the area as an inveterate delinquent who is thought to carry out such robberies on a daily basis. Since his latest effort was of a sum over €400, he can now be formally detained for the crime.

Watch your bags out there. He won’t be the only one around!

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