Two armed hold-ups in Arona within half an hour of each other: the La Camella supermarket and now the Aguamar apartments

Update 26 April: It’s becoming a bit clearer now as details emerge of another incident within half an hour of the supermarket robbery, that of a gunman holding up the Aguamar apartments in Los Cristianos, threatening the receptionist but fleeing empty handed. The two attacks were within half an hour or so of each other, with the Aguamar being held up at 8.20pm, and the La Camella supermarket just before 9pm. The gunman is said to be around 30 years of age, and by appearance a North African, around 1.75 metres tall, a few days’ stubble, and smelling strongly of alcohol. PV

Original post 25 April: Police are searching for a 30-year-old man who held up a 24-hour supermarket in La Camella with a gun and got away with 400 Euros. The thief had not covered his face, but was not recorded in the act because the premises, which has not yet been open for a year, had no security cameras installed, something that is now going to be remedied. As far as this robbery is concerned, however, police say they are considering it to be related to other similar attacks in Arona. RTVC

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