Thieves burgle Arona foodbank twice to steal supplies intended to feed neediest

A Red Cross foodbank in Arona which supplied the poorest people has been almost cleaned out by thieves who burgled it twice. José Luis Camisón, coordinator of the branch, who discovered and reported the theft on Tuesday, said he was disgusted, and that the thieves hadn’t hurt the Red Cross itself, but society’s neediest, some of whom were possibly even their neighbours. Sr Camisón said that the building had held some 4,000 kilos of food from the European Social Fund Foodbank.

On the first occasion, the thieves cut through a security door which had been installed after two previous break-ins, and got away with around 2,500 kilos of food. Even worse, they returned on Tuesday night to steal the rest. They clearly removed as much as they could physically take because some boxes were left behind. Those few have now been taken somewhere more secure.

The centre, in the Vento area of Arona just above Arona town, was attacked again yesterday afternoon, but on that occasion Red Cross staff caught a couple of youths in the act. They are now in Guardia Civil custody, though it is not known whether they are the thieves who previously robbed the centre. In what seems to be a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted, a burglar alarm is to be fitted to the centre shortly.

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