Thieves steal €3,000 worth of dog food from Cabildo’s Tierra Blanca refuge in Fasnia

The Tenerife Cabildo’s dog refuge in Fasnia, the Centro de Protección Animal Tierra Blanca, has had €3,000 euros worth of dog food stolen, which the centre says is equivalent to about a week’s worth of food. As a result of the theft, money allocated for medical supplies now has to be diverted to try and keep the dogs from starving. The refuge would welcome donations of money or food: to donate money, the bank account number is 2100 9169 07 2200022538 in La Caixa; food can be donated direct to Tierra Blanca at the refuge. If anyone were thinking of helping, now would be a really good time.


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  1. Tierra Blanca would also be grateful if anyone becomes aware of the Feed being offered for sale cheaply anywhere, to advise them asap and this will be reported to the Police. Via their facebook page Centro de Proteccion Tierra Blanca. Or to mobile 648 652486, 647 258521 It is 300 , 20 kilo bags. The product is CANTER. Thankyou very much.

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