Third annual Ten Diez exhibition in FIT, Adeje, 29 November – 5 December 2014

The third annual Ten Diez exhibition will be held between 29 November and 5 December 2014 in FIT Canarias, El Galeon. Organizers say that this year’s exhibition will include painters, sculptors, photographers, illustrators and even musicians, and that the schedule of events will be released in the near future, along with a list of the artists.

For the moment, below is some information about the Ten Diez Movement. After reading it, I hope many more people will be clamouring to know about it, and to visit the next exhibition.

Who are we?

In simple terms, TEN-DIEZ is an artistic movement – a coming together of several like-minded people who share a passion for art, for expression and for creativity, and, above all, a goal to connect the local public with local artists, to bring art that little bit closer to the Canarian people and the huge expat population.

Founded by Mark Fradley with the help of Elisa Alonso, Ten-Diez is a colourful, multinational group of creative souls that come from all walks of life and a wide range of professions. The Ten-Diez Movement – whose name, despite popular belief, has nothing to do with Tenerife but rather inspired by the time watchmakers set their clocks to, in order to show their work in its best light – was established in 2011 and is this year celebrating its third annual event, the chosen venue for which is Adeje’s fabulous FIT Canarias.

What do we do?

TEN-DIEZ brings together some of the region’s most exciting artistic talent, giving both complete beginners and more experienced artists a platform to showcase their work. In contrast with stereotypical elitist, closed circles of artists that are impossible to get into, Ten-Diez welcomes everyone, no matter how inexperienced, and provides a supportive network that encourages all members to pursue their passions.

An increasingly popular, privately funded organisation, in its few years in existence Ten-Diez has already formed strong partnerships with several local businesses, including a 5* hotel, the Canaries’ finest lifestyle magazine and several bars and restaurants. It has also gained support from major players such as GoPro, Canon, Lomography and Lucroit an impressive feat that highlights the dedication of a small, professional, hard-working team with a clear goal in sight.

Why do we do it?

Mainly for two reasons: Firstly to give something back to this pretty wonderful community we are lucky to be able to call “home”. Secondly because teamwork rocks; and nothing helps more in achieving your goals, in motivating yourself to learn, to develop, to do what you love and to push your own limits – physical or creative – to be the best you possibly can be than working alongside a group of people with similar goals and different talents.

Honestly, in a world full of bad news, negativity and pessimism, we want to celebrate the vision, creativity and individuality of some of the island’s smartest photographers, illustrators, sculptors and artists – because we happen to believe that it is something worth celebrating.

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