Third flu death in Canaries is first child fatality

A little boy of 11 has become the third victim of AH1N1 flu in the Canaries. As with the previous two deaths in the islands, this one occurred in Gran Canaria, and again, there was an underlying chronic condition. This latest victim, who died in the Hospital Materno Infantil de Gran Canaria, brings to 12 the number of flu fatalities in Spain, a number which now sadly counts the first child victim.

The Canarian Health Minister, Mercedes Roldós, made a press statement on this latest tragedy at 11am this morning. The Minister confirmed that the child had a serious underlying chronic condition, but that details would not be released to respect his right to medical confidentiality. Sra Roldós reported that there were currently 7 patients in Canarian hospital Intensive Care Units: 5 in Tenerife (4 in Candelaria and 1 in HUC), 1 in La Palma, and 1 in Gran Canaria. All except one of these patients suffers a chronic underlying illness and the majority are gravely ill though presently stable.  Canarias7Canarias24Horas

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