Third suicide in a month in north Tenerife

There were shocking and upsetting scenes last night when police and emergency services were called out to reports of a body hanging from the pedestrian bridge near La Laguna Al Campo. There were several complaints that the body was not cut down immediately but paramedics explained that in all such cases judicial permission must be received before bodies can be removed from the scene of the incident, which could be a crime scene but which will always be a scene for investigation.

There is no information at present as to who the person was, but clearly suicide is suspected. If so, it would be the third suicide in a month in north Tenerife, with one person jumping from a bridge in La Victoria, and another hanging themselves on a balcony of a Puerto de la Cruz hotel in full view of passing public. The latest incident couldn’t have been more public, and several motorists were in shock after witnessing the gruesome sight. There are photos available but I don’t think it’s in anyone’s interests to publish them.

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