This year’s Live Arico Christmas Party will raise funds for Fleur, a little Sharpei abandoned because she needed treatment for a leg tumour

Live Arico is a registered asociación, so a full charity as we’d understand it (see HERE), and their annual Christmas party is on Saturday 15 December at the Howlin’ at the Moon bar in San Eugenio. The event has a Facebook page HERE, and organizers say that the party is a benefit for Fleur, a little Sharpei who was found chained to a garage wall with a carrier bag tied round her leg concealing a large tumour. The charity will help fund the treatment, and also ask for any raffle prizes that any individual or business would be prepared to donate. There are always calls for help at this time of year, and of course they’re all deserving, but if anyone can help then a little dog with a tumour might find humans are not all quite as inhuman as the person who abandoned her.

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