Thomson Holidays advert filmed in Tenerife … but would you know?


Turismo is delighted that Thomson has an advertising campaign that cost 5.8 million Euros … which was filmed in Tenerife! Turismo is even more excited that this advert has been run during the X-Factor! Clearly they expect great things from it, and I hope they’re right … but I’m not sure it will be obvious that it’s about Tenerife at all. It was filmed, Turismo says, in a range of beautiful places here, including Las Teresitas beach in Santa Cruz, a luxury villa in Fasnia, and the 5* Thomson Sensatori Resort in Guía de Isora and the Bahía del Duque Hotel. I’m not sure, however, that I would be able even to identify the location as Tenerife if I didn’t know it really well!

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