The three San Isidro men who were detained in Tenerife transferred to Madrid for terrorism investigation

Updated 10 May: The three men arrested on suspicion of recruiting, assisting and financing terrorism have been transferred today to Madrid while the investigation proceeds. The three are alleged to have used their high-level position in the local mosque in San Isidro, as well as their managerial role in a local internet cafe, to influence and then radicalize a fellow Moroccan, and then send him to join jihadi group Al Nusra in Syria. Today’s transfer to Madrid is being made by a Policía Nacional flight from TFN La Laguna and the three will appear in Court tomorrow morning.

Original post 7 May: Spain’s Interior Minister (Home Secretary) Juan Ignacio Zoido has announced this morning that the police have arrested three Moroccan men in San Isidro, Granadilla, on suspicion of recruiting, assisting and financing terrorism. Not least in the alleged offences of the three, aged  27, 35 and 37, is the radicalization of a fellow 35-year-old Moroccan who was then sent to Syria to join the jihadi group Al Nusra, says Minister Zoido. More to follow, I’m sure.


  1. Without funds most of these ” radicals” would not survive, let alone wander about spreading Islamic mayhem. The loops most of have to go through to move legitimate money just to pay living costs must in some way be circumvented by these organisations – how ?

  2. There are more mosques on Tenerife….

  3. hang them for treason

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