Arona Ayuntamiento declares two days of official mourning as municipality reels with shock at three bodies found with signs of violence in Guaza

Updated 4pm: Arona Ayuntamiento has announced two days of mourning for the tragic events which ended this morning with three members of the same family dead in their finca in Guaza. The Council says that the official period of mourning will start at midnight tonight and last unti midnight on Sunday, and reflects the shock, grief and respect felt for the dead by the whole municipality. The Ayuntamiento also reiterated its condemnation of any type of violence, regardless of the circumstances. During the period of mourning, all council offices will fly the municipal flag at half mast and be decked in black crepe inside. A minute’s silence will be held at midday on Monday, 26 March, outside council offices.

Original post 23 March: There is consternation this morning at the discovery of three bodies in a dwelling in a finca in Guaza. The news is still being clarified and it was only at 8am that the judicial order was issued permitting the removal of the bodies, but it seems to be a case of an elderly couple in their 60s plus the wife’s father in his 80s, all originally from La Palma, and all showing signs of their deaths being violent. The couple’s 23-year-old son was at the premises and received major cuts to his hands. This initially suggested that he too was a potential victim who had attempted to defend himself from an unknown attacker but unconfirmed though significant unofficial reports say that he was an adopted son who has been arrested on suspicion of being the killer: some other reports place a further person fleeing the premises. The Guardia Civil is investigating the case, but for the moment the case is sub judice, so officially under secrecy rules.

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