Three British tourists arrested after smashing up Costa Adeje restaurant when waiters tried to prevent them leaving without paying

Three British tourists are under arrest after trying to leave a Costa Adeje restaurant without paying, offering a range of complaints as their excuse. Police say that the three men, said to be 20, 37 and 59 years of age, had run up a bill of €270 and became aggressive when waiters tried to stop them leaving, throwing chairs, ashtrays, plates and cutlery at them, cutting one waiter so badly in the face that he needed medical attention. Other diners, many with children, ran for safety. Thanks to collaboration between the Policía Nacional and Adeje Policía Local, one of the Britons was arrested outside the restaurant, and the other two shortly afterwards in the lobby of their nearby hotel.  They are now being processed through the Courts.


  1. Low lifes. Pure and simple. Shouldn’t be allowed out of Little Britain. Bet they voted Leave too!

  2. It’s idiots like this that get Brits a bad name and cost restaurants money (which increases the prices for all of is) I hope the courts process them ‘well’

  3. Ban them from visiting the Canaries. It’s easy now our passports are scanned, finger prints taken and faces scanned

  4. Well two of them not exactly young at 37 and 59 send them back with no entry

  5. Richard Bartlett…The Police arrest the suspects, interview them and decide on whether to charge or release without charge. We all know that without your little lecture.
    As for quoting the days of Franco…get real. The public should be protected and one way to get them protected is for positive action by the Police utilising the powers available to them.

  6. This happens regularly with British guests on Mallorca.

    So it is not a big suprise that it happens somewhere else as well.

  7. The Police are not the law nor are they dispensers of justice. Franco would be so pleased to know his legacy lives on in the hearts of some..

    Social media brings out the very worst in people

  8. It’s pikey time again and they try to do this every year !

  9. Far too many people like that wanting, and expecting, something for nothing. Hope they get locked up and get their passports marked too, and never allowed back to the Canaries – shameful behaviour.

  10. How dare they!! Just bullies and need to be locked up for the rest of their stay and made to pay for the damage!
    The locals are so good, these men are a disgrace to our country!! Hope the police give them a smack!!
    They don’t take any nonsense from trash like that!!!

  11. No excuse…lock them up for a substantial period of time with no bail.

  12. The old chestnut..” We are all inclusive ” usually works !!

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