Three dance and theatre spectaculars in Tenerife Friday 16 October

As part of an ongoing cultural programme, the Tenerife Cabildo is staging three theatre and dance events on Friday 16 October. The first, “La primavera es un cuento” (Spring is a story), will be a musical spectacular uniting songs, theatre and puppets, and will take place at 5pm in the Cultural Centre at Llano del Camello de San Miguel de Abona.

The second event, “Cuenteando hasta Pinocho” will be held at 6pm in Casa de los Cáceres, en Icod de los Vinos, and the third, “Orfeo no está” at the Guía de Isora Teatro-Cine-Auditorio at 9pm. Performances are designed for family entertainment and should last around an hour or so.  Tinerguía

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