Earthquake registered off coast of Tenerife

Image courtesy of IGN

Update 17 December 2012: After a few emails in quick succession asking about an earthquake off Tenerife’s coast I thought I’d better check! Yes, there was an earthquake of 4.7 on the Richter scale at 10am this morning in the sea off the top north east spur of Tenerife at a depth of 40 km. IGN says, as in the post below, that these are quite normal in that area and represents no danger.

Graphic courtesy of IGN

Update 10pm: IGN says that the earthquakes, which generated 1,250 calls to 112 in an hour, were tectonic in origin and not volcanic, and had absolutely nothing to do with any intrusion of magma in the Teide volcano. They were, IGN said, a liberation of energy of regional forces connected with the various movements of the African and American plates.

Original post 18 August: Three earthquakes in the early hours, one of them of 3.8 on the Richter scale, is what Tenerife is waking up to this morning – those who weren’t actually woken up by the tremors themselves. The press is reporting that these were felt throughout the island, though I have to say we felt nothing high above the west coast. The earthquakes were off the north coast in the El Sauzal area, and started with the 3.8 at 2.50am at a depth of 27km. Further tremors followed of 2.6 at 2.52 at 25 km, and 2.8 at 2.55 at 28km.


  1. Yes, our whole house shook and there was a booming noise too. We live near La Orotava. Then we felt a smaller tremor afew minutes later.

  2. Like you Janet, there weren’t any tremors felt in Playa San Juan. I am a light sleeper and I’m sure that if the earth moved for me, I’d certainly wake up!

  3. Great blog. These tremors makes our island even more interesting

  4. Thats strange as I dreamt last night that a massive tidal wave had hit Tenerife and I was up in the mountains somewhere keeping out of harms way!

  5. Author

    it’s the place to be … 😀

  6. Interesting. My wife and I live on the outskirts of La Laguna and we felt nothing. Interesting about the boom noise that was reported. Anomalous boom sounds are being heard in several states in the US. No one seems to know what is causing them. Seismic . . . or otherwise? Who knows.

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