Three Podenco puppies saved, two dead, after being dumped in Los Cristianos basura

I’ve posted before about Podencos, how they are the most sensitive and intelligent dogs, stubborn, opinionated, but kindly and gentle … all qualities displayed in spades by our own Rosie before she was killed, another victim of the indiscriminate use of poison in these islands by individuals and councils alike.

Now, another horrifying story about Podencos is in the news. Policía Local officers in Los Cristianos yesterday saved three Podenco puppies which had been thrown into the basura. Sadly, it was not just three who were chucked away like so much rubbish: two other puppies were not so fortunate, and died, suffocated in the paint-tub-type container in which they were sealed before being disposed of.

The three survivors are now in a rescue centre. None of the pups were chipped so unless someone identifies the owner, which is very unlikely, he or she will get away with it … and perhaps even live to do the same again. Arona police say that they can issue fines of up to €600 for dumping animals, but when they are so unlikely to be caught, people who are capable of doing this are hardly going to worry about it.

Arona says that it made 47 denuncias for these type of offences in 2013 alone. Perhaps that’s not enough, and perhaps the council – and others too – might take one lead in animal welfare by educational campaigns, and itself finding some method of pest control that does not involve poisoning pets, strays, and even, as we saw the other day, pigeons.

I know I’ve been mixing poisoning and abandonment here, but it is all part of the same mindset – one that should not be allowed to pass without comment, or without protest. For the moment, three Podencos will live, and hopefully will have a happy home, avoiding the fate suffered by far too many of this wonderful breed.


  1. I agree with most of the sentiments expressed,using poison to control animals,but,as far as pigeons are concerned they are vermin that spread disease and should be controlled with all means possible!

  2. Author

    Seven were found under a bench in a square in Los Cristianos, and the problem is that they appear to have died because they ate poison intended for ground living animals rather than as a result of vermin control aimed at them directly.

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