Case of three-week-old baby killed by Belgian Shepherd in Fasnia finca transferred to Court for investigation

Updated 4 October: The case has been transferred to the Courts for a full investigation. The Court says that it has not yet taken declarations from the parents of the infant, who are understandably still in extreme distress and shock, but that the details that have emerged so far indicate that it was a pure and inexplicable accident, with the couple having just arrived at the finca when the dog jumped in the car and bit the baby who was still in the travelling seat.

Original post 3 October: Tenerife has seen some awful human tragedies over the past week or so, and today is no exception with the appalling news that a three-week-old baby has been killed by a Belgian Shepherd dog in a Fasnia finca. The infant was initially taken to the local health centre with bites to the head but without any medic on duty, an ambulance was dispatched to take the baby to hospital. Sadly, however, nothing could be done to save the child’s life.

Mayor of Fasnia Damián Pérez Viera expressed profound distress and shock on behalf of the whole community, and declared a day of official mourning tomorrow throughout the municipality. Flags will fly at half mast on all official buildings, and any public acts or events have been suspended. The council has conveyed its sadness and support for the family, and all locals affected by the tragedy.

The dog is currently in Guardia Civil custody and is said not to be showing any signs of aggression. Obviously this will be the subject of a police investigation so more news is likely over coming days.

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