Three hurt in San Eugenio Alto bar knife attack

A man and two women have received knife injuries after a fight in a bar in Calle Italia, in the San Eugenio Alto area. This is the road between the aquapark and Malibu Park apartments. Emergency services were called shortly after 10.30 last night with reports that someone had gone into the bar with a knife and was threatening people inside.

One of the women, 47, was cut on the neck, while the other, 43, received arm wounds. The man, 47, had facial cuts. All are said to be foreigners in Spain. None of the three is said to be seriously wounded, but paramedics stabilized and transferred them to Hospiten Sur for treatment.

The police are investigating the incident.

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  1. hi,i was there at the time and dismarmed **him** of his meat cleaver and carving knife,it was horrific attack and i believe his intent was to kill,we appeared in court on thursday where he was remanded in custody awaiting a trial date to which i shall be present

    (edit comment: I’ve removed the name just in case there are libel issues. Thank you for the information, though, I appreciate your post)

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