Tijoco Bajo to get junction with TF1 extension

Update 1 December: The Canarian Government has said that it has listened to the main demands of the residents of Tijoco Bajo, and that the village is to have a junction with the TF1 extension after all.

The announcement was made by a spokesman of the village’s Residents’ Association after a second meeting with the viceconsejero de Transportes y Planificación, Gerardo Hernández. Sr Hernández was reported as saying that the funding for the additional works would be around €250,000, and that this would need to be included in the next budget.

This might not, therefore, be included in the works as they should be finished in 2012, but should be a project for 2013 at the latest.

Original post 26 August: Residents of Tijoco Bajo in Adeje are up in arms over problems caused by the creation of the TF1 extension which runs just below their village. Up to 50 or so lorries a day, each weighing around 35 tonnes, pass through or near the village on roads that are suitable only for vehicles of a maximum of 2 tonnes, they say. The result is that cracks have been appearing in dwellings, giving rise to locals’ concerns about the structural security of their homes.

The villagers are angry that they were initially reassured that lorries would bypass the village to get to the works site, but now see them driving straight through the village centre. They complain, too, that the constructors are not carrying out the obligatory “damping down”, i.e. spraying with water areas of excavation that give rise to huge amounts of dust, again contrary to all promises at the onset of works.

The presidente of the residents’ committee, Jovany Morín, said there was a great feeling of indigation among locals, not least because the motorway, when finished, will end up leaving the village more isolated than before, because despite running right next to Tijoco Bajo, it wasn’t given its own junction.

Sr Morín called on Adeje Ayuntamiento to fulfil its duty and resolve the problems that have outraged the whole village, and said that if nothing was done, people were now ready to mobilise to take matters into their own hands.  El Dia

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