Adeje’s part-British singer Damion Frost makes it through to the academy for this year’s Operación Triunfo!

Damion Frost. Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento.

Updated 20 September: Adeje’s Damion has succeeded in getting through to the academy, being one of the 16 contestants to do so after singing Justin Bieber’s What do you mean. Now the opportunity really exists … and the work really starts!

Original post 17 September: Last year, around this kind of time, the Spanish programme Operación Triunfo, a kind of cross between ITV’s X-Factor and the BBC’s old Fame Academy, was starting … and it led to great excitement because two Tenerife singers were in the final. One was Ana Guerra from La Laguna and the other was Agoney from Adeje, well known locally for his performances in the Adeje Passion Play. In the event, neither actually won the series, but both advanced their careers enormously through the exposure, and right now Agoney has a record that’s just come out at the end of August – Quizas (Perhaps) – see the video at the end of the post.

The winner of last year’s Operación Triunfo, Amaia Romero, was put into a pair with Alfred García to sing a duet which became Spain’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon – I posted about it HERE. Many thought Ana Guerra’s duet with another strongly favoured contestant Aitana Ocaña, Lo Malo, would have done better as a feminist anthem (perhaps particularly after Netta Barzilai’s Toy won the contest!), but the Tenerife component of Spain’s potential Eurovision entry was strong!

And so might it be this year, with Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, who put his full weight behind Agoney,  now championing this year’s Adejero in Operación Triunfo, 21-year-old busker Damion Frost, a German-born British-Italian student of the municipal music school who was educated in Tijoco.

Operación Triunfo starts this Wednesday, 19 September. Of the 18 contestants taking part, only 16 can go through to the academy, all of whom will also have a chance to represent Spain in Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv, and so everyone in Tenerife who watches OT will be rooting for this young Adejero to do that, or even to win the series!

The show’s website is HERE, and there’s also a Facebook page HERE, and a twitter account HERE. Good luck Damion!

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