Titsa bus information for New Year’s Eve

The Tenerife Cabildo has announced Titsa bus timetables for the festive period, which will see reduced services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. On both these days, short routes will start their last circuit between 7pm and 8.30pm, while long routes will start their last circuit so as to terminate by 8.35pm. On Christmas Day itself, service will start at 8.10am in line with usual public holiday timetabling. All timetables can be consulted on www.titsa.com, or by phone to 922 531 300, or on Titsa’s social media profiles.

The last departures for the most popular lines in the north are:

014 & 015 for La Laguna at 20:16 & 20:25 respectively, and for Santa Cruz at 20:05 and 20:15.
026 between Santa Cruz & La Laguna, from Santa Cruz 19:50, from La Laguna 19:45.
101 bewteen La Laguna & La Orotava, from La Laguna 19:40, from La Orotova 19:50.
102 & 103 between Santa Cruz & Puerto de la Cruz, from Santa Cruz 19:55 & 19:45 from Puerto de la Cruz 20:15 for the 102 and 19:35 for the 103.
108 between Santa Cruz and Los Realejos, from SC 18:30 and from Los Realejos 18:50.

Services to the south:

110 from Santa Cruz to Costa Adeje, from SC and CA 19:30.
111 from SC 19:25 and from the south 19:55.
120 Santa Cruz-Güímar, from SC18:45, from Güímar 20:05.
122 Santa Cruz-Polígono Industrial de Güímar, from SC 19:05, from PIG 20:00
473 from Los Cristianos to Los Gigantes, from LC 18:15, from LG 19:55
467 from Costa del Silencio 19:55, and from La Caleta 19:50.

There will be no services on the lines 104, 137, 420, or 711 throughout Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.


  1. Hi Janet. Do you know if there are buses running on Sunday 6th January? I believe that us Kings Day

    1. Author

      I imagine they’re running but on fiesta timetables … the link to the Titsa site is in the post above so it’s best to check direct for your own routes.

      Edit: I’ve looked for you, and the information is HERE.

  2. Hi Janet do you know about New Year’s Day?

    1. Author

      No, they’re not on the Titsa website yet. If I see them announced I’ll post, but you should keep checking that Titsa site.

  3. I’m intersted in the 418 line , the same route as the 420 but during the day is this service still running ?

    1. Author

      I’m afraid I don’t have any more information. Please check the link above to the main titsa website for further details.

  4. Janet,
    Thanks to your website, we have picked up and attended a couple of classical events already this holiday. You are a star.
    We are still here on hols on New Year’s Eve, staying in Santa Cruz. But we are having trouble with your link about the buses.
    We are on Line 14. How do we find the service schedule for the night of 31st December 2017/early morning 1January 2018?
    Many thanks.

    1. Author

      Line 14 is Santa Cruz-La Laguna. HERE is the page showing the timetables. THIS page shows the last bus around 11.30 and the first one on January 1st will be around 8.15. Bear in mind that the tram will also be running all night.

      edit: Titsa says HERE that line 014 will leave Santa Cruz at 00:10, 01:30, 03:00 & 05:10 horas.

  5. Hi ,i have had a look at the website re the bus timetables for New Year but it doesn’t actually say if they are running or not.Could you please help as we are arriving New Years eve staying in Golf deSur but would like to spend the evening in Playas de las Americas ,could we get a bus about 7pm if not a taxi ? Would we need to book and would it be easy to get a taxi back .Thanks

    1. Author

      I’ve moved your question to this post where you’ll hopefully find the information you need.

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