Tourist in quarantine after testing positive when trying to book into second hotel with result over 72 hours old

Just so that everyone knows the system is working as intended, I’m putting this as a separate post with an identifable headline. We have a Polish tourist here right now who is being quarantined by the authorities because they tried to book into a hotel in Tenerife with a test that was more than 72 hours old. Sanidad (Canarias) said last evening that the tourist was stopped, refused access to accommodation, and required to submit to be tested. They tested positive, and are now quarantined on the island.

It appears that they were detected on trying to book into a second hotel, so their test was valid for their first booking, but they hadn’t had a new test for the new hotel even though their check-in was more than 72 hours after their first test. From Monday, of course, the national law requiring test results to be presented at ports and airports could have stopped this tourist before coming into the island but they clearly had at least one test that showed negative, but it might not have been a PCR type. In any case, they have been detected and isolated now.

The incident shows the limits of testing and this is why people will be arguing for lockdowns or even closing airspace, but this tourist won’t be having the best holiday and a risk has clearly been posed for others because of them. All we can do is maximise safety so please do this properly or don’t do it at all. If you think you’re infected – and bear in mind that you could be even if you don’t think so – do not come without a test. From Monday you’ll need one before coming anyway if your home country is deemed high risk, and once here, if you’re changing accommodation, don’t try to get away with using an old test for a new hotel.

If anyone is still in any doubt about the entry requirements for Spain and the Canaries please see HERE.

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  1. Had my doubts but quite understand the view expressed by many residents wishing tourists can should stay at home after reading the above
    I hope residents who feel this will appreciate there is much information on UK tour operators websites and in many more places in addition to Janet’s excellent information here that is being read and understood by those of us in the UK that plan to visit and support our friends on the island
    There is no excuse for any visitor or resident breaking the rules and the minority that do so should punished by fines or in the case of the above sent home and banned from future visits -wishful thinking I know but it makes us both so cross when we know the efforts and scarificies those in Tenerife are making to reduce Covid

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