Traffic restrictions in operation again this weekend on Teide access roads as Tráfico warns it’s not in forgiving mood

The Cabildo has announced that its traffic restrictions will be in operation again this weekend to try to stem the numbers going up to the Teide National Park. From 2pm this afternoon to 10pm on Sunday, drivers will again only be able to go up via the La Orotava, Vilaflor and Chío access roads, while the La Esperanza road will be for descending traffic only. The announcement was made by Cabildo Roads Councillor Enrique Arriaga who said that the plan was finalised in a meeting with the Guardia Civil’s Tráfico, which will be policing the measures.

For its own part, Tráfico says that last weekend over 30 denuncias were issued including for the popular practice of putting a snowman on the bonnet and racing downhill, the winner being whoever still has the biggest snowman at the end. Tráfico says that as far as it’s concerned this impedes a driver’s vision and that such quantity of compressed snow can fall off the car leaving debris on the carriageway to cause obstacles for other drivers. They will be policing with the same vigilance this weekend, they say.