Tráfico crackdown to improve safety of cyclists at risk from drunk drivers

Photo: DGT.

Tráfico has announced a crackdown to improve the safety of cyclists at risk from drunk drivers. The new measures will include increased checkpoints, particularly on weekend mornings when cyclists are most likely to be on the road. Helicopters will also be used to detect driving offences, and harsher penalties will be handed out to repeat offenders, including the loss of licence for those caught twice or more in under two years.

The tightening up of policy was announced by the Interior Ministry’s Juan Ignacio Zoido in a road safety committee convoked by Tráfico. The minister said that the new measures were the result of official concern about cyclist safety in general, but also specifically in light of a spate of driver-caused cyclist incidents throughout Spain recently. Tráfico says that in 2015, the last year for which there are final figures, there were 7,186 accidents involving cyclists, 58 of whom died, and 652 needing hospital treatment.




  1. We’re told how much room to give cyclists when overtaking them in a vehicle….
    but how how much room does a cyclist have to give a pedestrian?

    1. Author

      well cyclists are not allowed by law to ride on pavements or in pedestrian areas (unless municipal bylaws specifically allow it) so the matter doesn’t really arise.

  2. You’re quite right Stewart, on both counts, and i also try to avoid the bad examples.

  3. Oops, Freudian slip there Roy, I think you mean harmless rather than harmful. There are good drivers and good cyclists and good bikers but the bad ones get all the publicity. I expect everyone in every kind of vehicle in Tenerife to do something stupid so I give plenty of space so that I can avoid problems.

  4. LittleRI is pretty typical of car drivers who have absolutely no patience with people on bicycles. Does it really inconvenience you that much if a bunch of cyclists ride two abreast and force you to slow down for a few seconds before you speed merrily on your way? Furthermore you show your true colours when you describe all the participants of a popular and harmful pastime as “thugs”.

  5. Tony is so right. Largely uninsured, no way of knowing what traffic is behind, often 2\3 abreast, ignoring slow signs and junction markings, and aggressive in the extreme. Will Trafico also educate lycra thugs, doubtful, but it is Europe wide serious and costly problem. Last year,s Easyjet in flight magazine has an article with a picture of lycra people charging down a road with Tiede in background occupying 80% of the carriageway, irresponsible ( I never received a reply! ) If motorists dared to race on the roads we,d rightly be prosecuted!

  6. Drunk drivers are a danger to everyone, not just cyclists …

  7. Although I agree with the crackdown to protect cyclist it would be nice if the large groups of them cycling up and down the mountain roads were more considerate of motorists.

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