Tráfico “distractions” campaign this week

Tráfico will be carrying out one of its regular national campaigns over this week, from today until Sunday, and this time it is focusing on distractions. Police say that distractions cause a fourfold increase in accidents, with one in three road traffic deaths occurring as a result, whether because of using a mobile phone, talking to a passenger, smoking or eating, or wearing clothes or footwear that aren’t comfortable.

Readers regularly comment that it’s about time they did something about bad driving, but of course these are just specific additional campaigns to normal policing, which is carried out constantly. Drivers can therefore expect to see extra control points in addition to normal policing, with some 25,000 checks carried out daily on all types of roads.


  1. They do Donald. To indicate braking!

  2. Perhaps they will get motorists to use their direction indicators. Now that would be a real result.

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