Tráfico motorbike safety campaign this weekend

Photo: DGT.

Tráfico has announced that traffic police will be carrying out a specific campaign aimed at checking motorbikes this weekend. Police on the ground and in Tráfico helicopters will be checking on motorbikes, how their riders respect road rules, safety measures, speeding etc. Police say that this is the first of a series of control campaigns that will run until September. The campaign is part of an awareness programme entitled The Glass Man, for which the following video has been produced. Police say that motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road users, with more than 300 “broken into a thousand pieces” last year: “we are glass, but security makes us stronger”.

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  1. I live on a stretch of road between urbanisation La Florida and rotunda Cruz de Guanche (Valle San Lorenzo) and motorbikes are the bane of our life to say the least!
    Their speed at times is unbelievable with the resulting noise and with little regard, if any, for other road users and pedestrians. There are no traffic calming measures on this road or pedestrian crossings, so crossing at the best of times is horrendous for us ‘golden oldies’. I do hope Trafico deem this stretch of road worthy of control
    during this campaign.

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