Tráfico road safety campaign this week

Image: DGT.

Tráfico is carrying out one of its periodic specific road safety control campaigns this week. The campaign started yesterday and lasts until Sunday 11th, and will focus on conventional roads rather than motorways, with police checking speeds, safe driving including overtaking and mobile phone use, drink and drugs, seatbelts, a whole range of general road safety issues. As usual, the campaign will involve checkpoints, and use support from local police forces.

Readers regularly comment that it’s “about time they policed the roads”, but of course Tráfico works all year round! This campaign, like all other similar ones, are just an additional specific focus on particular issues, whether seatbelts, drink driving, child seats, vehicle integrity, etc. Over the next week, drivers can therefore expect to see extra control points, with some 25,000 control checks carried out daily, on all types of roads. Tráfico says that in the first half hour of the campaign yesterday morning they had intercepted one speeding driver, two drivers who tested positively for drugs, one expired ITV and another using headphones while driving.

Drive safely, and do have a look at the latest Tráfico video about what happens when you’re in an accident … would you prefer to be the one who dies? or the one who lives … ?

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