Tráfico road safety control campaign this week

Tráfico has announced a road safety control campaign for this week starting today and lasting until Sunday 25th, and focusing on conventional roads rather than motorways. The campaign will focus on speed, overtaking, mobile phone use, and general road usage, and aims to reduce the number of deaths caused by poor driving – they are tagging it as Objective Zero after nearly 1,000 deaths nationally on conventional roads in 2014. As usual, the campaign will involve checkpoints, and use support from local police forces.


  1. Author

    yes, it’s a typical confusion … the fees can’t be spent on road improvements because it’s a Tráfico campaign – i.e. Spain’s Guardia Civil traffic police department, whereas roads are the responsibility of public works departments … and sometimes these will be national, sometimes regional (i.e. Canaries), and sometimes municipal (e.g. Arona, Adeje, etc). Any fines are imposed to improve the behaviour of drivers throughout Spain, not as a revenue generator for Tenerife. And yes, they mean business, as always with Tráfico.

  2. I may be wrong but I understand that speed limits are set according to the urbanisation of the area and width of the road, nothing to do with the condition of the road surface.

    And yesterday I passed three police checkpoints between the Palm Mar roundabout and Los Cristianos. These guys mean business.

  3. If the road surfaces were of a higher standard we well may have been able to speed, so this is just another revenue raiser, and will any of it be spent on road improvement? More than doubtful, as usual” all talk & no trousers”.

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