Tráfico seatbelt and childseat campaign this week

Photo: DGT.

Tráfico ‏has announced a seatbelt and childseat campaign for this week. Controls will be set throughout the country from today, 11 March, until Sunday 17th. At checkpoints, police will be looking at car paperwork and documents as well checking as that their seatbelts work and are being worn, and that any children are correctly seated in child or booster seats. For the regulations on child seats, please see the Driving section of THIS page, scroll to the question “What are the rules for child seats?”.


  1. Can someone clarify the rules around booster seat and child seats please? We asked the car rental company and are no clearer to understanding the legal and safety position. We have an 8 and a 4 year old visiting in May followed a week later by twin grandaughters of 9 months. So far we have two booster seats and two what the call child seats booked but are not sure if our grandchildren will be safe.

  2. Author

    Already clarified HERE and HERE. Also in the Roads & Driving section HERE.

  3. Thanks Janet!

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