Tráfico speed control campaign next week

Photo: DGT.

In addition to the currently ongoing annual summer traffic campaign (see HERE), Tráfico has announced an additional speed control campaign from tomorrow Monday 6 August until Sunday 12th, and focusing on conventional roads as much if not more than motorways. Tráfico says that at least 350 deaths a year could be avoided if everyone complied with speed limits, and that someone knocked down at 80km/h has no chance of surviving the impact, whereas at 30km/h the risk of death is reduced to just 10%. This campaign will, as normal, use support from local police forces for checkpoints.

Although the police regularly ask the public not to spread the word about specific locations, they are keen that these campaigns are seen for what they are, namely an addition to regular policing: speeding is policed routinely but people still do it, and so these campaigns are a means of drawing extra attention to the issue, and informing people. Police also hope the following graphic will help advise drivers of the speed limits on various types of roads for different types of vehicles.



  1. might help if they put up more speed limit signs on the various stretches of roads around instead of expecting everyone to guess the limit.

  2. Totally agree with Sandra Riggs. If Traffico policed the use of trafficators not only would it make the roads safer it would speed up the traffic.. Apart from that it is exceedingly infuriating !

  3. The main road between San isidro and granadilla is often targeted with radar.the black Citroen I know the limit.following me the other day on the same road was a marked trafico police car,I was driving at the limilt,so he came along side after a while wound this window down and told me to go faster!!!!

  4. Whenever I get anybody tailgating me I just slow down and keep the middle finger of my right hand extended in the air where they can see it. It doesn’t stop them but it feels good 🙂 Especially when I’m driving at the limit and they have nothing to complain about. I think these campaigns are great but they should be accompanied by a much more visible police presence.

  5. Totally agree with Sandra. There are a small percentage of speeders who are a danger to all. Also, the tailgaters are a massive and annoying problem. And, at risk of incurring the wrath of the social media police, I have to say that when I look in my mirror, they are young women just as often as men. Power tothe police’s elbow.

  6. Author

    They do it all the time, it’s just that several times a year they have a publicity splurge with campaigns like this to increase awareness.

  7. It would help if drivers were encouraged to use their indicators, and were encouraged not to drive within 2ft of the car in front. Braking space seems to be non-existent here.
    However, I am happy they are monitoring speed, wish they would do it for more than a week!

  8. we all know speed kills.most of us drive within our limits.hiding that black citroen c4 with the radar unit where. the limit drops from one limit to another i.e. 60 to 50 or 40 and the car is right on the line is a bit cheeky.always downhill when its easy to speed a bit,its money making not saftey related.

  9. Two vehicles pulled over this evening just after Tijoco Bajo by the motorbike guys..It is an easy road to run away with ones speed and by the time you realise it..its too late ..

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