Tráfico speeding campaign starts today

Photo: Dir. Gral. Tráfico
Photo: Dir. Gral. Tráfico

Tráfico has announced a national speed campaign from today until 6 April. The campaign will be focused above all on what DGT calls conventional roads, i.e. not motorways, which is where they say most speed-related deaths occur. Last year, police say, more than a million drivers were caught speeding, and if only people obeyed limits, 25% of associated deaths could be avoided. Last year, some 500 died as a result of speeding. The campaign aims to catch a substantial proportion of the 39% of cars which exceed speed limits, 13% by more than 20km/h. 


  1. These numbers are shocking. And yet, being a driver myself, i have to admit that some times a am a culprit at speeding myself. If speed limits would be set because of necessity and sensibility I would find it a bit easier. this place has forgotten to built their roads according to their rules … and not the other way around. however, shame on me, no excuse ! – so I guess, ty for another reminder to slow down

  2. Author

    I’m no different, Peggy, and yes, they’re shocking … and yes, I need a reminder to slow down too …

  3. I presume that figure is for Spain as a whole. I found online the figure of 400 deaths due speeding in the UK in 2012.

  4. Author

    yes, I’m sure it is, Doreen, given as part of the national announcement, it’s likely.

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