Tráfico’s annual Christmas drink driving campaign starts today

As every Christmas, Tráfico has started an awareness campaign to avoid drink- and drug-driving over the holiday period. The campaign, involving some 25,000 checks per day throughout Spain on drivers, started today and will last until the 21st, to coincide with the period in which most Christmas parties take place between friends and colleagues before everyone returns to their families to celebrate at home.

María Seguí, director general of Tráfico, started the campaign off and said that drivers generally supported the measures, though she conceded that they were not so approving of the recent doubling of fines from €500 to €1000 (see HERE). It does appear, however, that the message has been getting through, with a clear reduction over the last decade in those testing positive upon being breathalyzed. That still leaves some 100,000 showing signs of drinking while behind the wheel though.

Police remind drivers that just one glass of wine for women and two for men is sufficient to give a positive result, and say that according to the Instituto Nacional de Toxicología, 47% of road deaths show signs of alcohol or drugs in the blood. Do stay safe on the roads this Christmas, for the sake of your pocket and your health.


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