Tragedy avoided as tourist excursion boat sinks trying to enter Los Gigantes harbour

A pleasure boat with nine Danish tourists sank earlier today as it was trying to get into Los Gigantes harbour in heavy seas. According to Diario de Avisos, it was only thanks to the rapid action of lifeguards that an utter tragedy was avoided, and all on board were transferred to Puerto Santiago medical centre. No doubt there will be more on this in coming hours, not least from those who are already saying it was madness to be out in seas in that condition. One experienced sailor, however, tells me that he was out in the water all day today and that the waves were perfectly manageable.


  1. Almost nothing in above article is true. I was on that boat with my wife, and we are both Polish. There where also one British tourists in the boat, four Danish tourists and two English owners of that boat and diving centre. I don’t know how that “rapid” action of life guards looked like on the beach, but in the inside of the marina, where me, my wife and one Danish woman was put by the tide nothing really happend in the time span of about 10 minutes. We have tu cry aloud to get any help. Also, to my knoledge, maybe one or two people was taken to the hospital, if any at all.

  2. Author

    Unfortunately I don’t know what sources Diario de Avisos used, but thank you for clarifying from personal knowledge.

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