Transportistas (buses, lorries, perhaps taxis and ambulances) to strike 12 April

Update 12 April noon: Santa Cruz now paralyzed by the transportistas strike – all main access points gridlocked.

Update 12 April 11am: One effect has become apparent already … the access road into Santa Cruz (Via Penetración)  from the TF1 down to the auditorium is completely paralyzed by strike activity. Trafico says that anyone heading to the city should not even try this way in.

Update 10 April: Just a reminder that this strike is still called for Thursday, and it’s still impossible to know how widespread the effects will be, or how strong support will be for it. It might be best to have contingency plans in place if anyone really has to travel on the day.

Original post 30 March:  It’s strike season right now, it would seem. After yesterday’s general strike, the “transportistas” have announced a strike for 12 April in protest at their working conditions and how they have worsened during the economic situation. At present the strike will involve lorry and bus transport, though some, HERE, for example, have expressly denied they’re taking part.  The strike organizers are nonetheless trying to bring ambulances and the taxis into the action as well … but whether the taxi drivers will accept the loss of income  is debatable.  It could be another case of much noise and little action, or there could be disruption, it’s difficult to say.

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