Travel Aware: the British Consulate’s safety campaign for holidaymakers to Tenerife

The British Consulate in Tenerife has relaunched its summer campaign aimed at making British visitors to the Canaries safe, and keeping them so. The campaign, Travel Aware, has four main strands, encouraging visitors (and residents!) to be prepared before arriving with sufficient insurance for their holiday, and adequate research about any activities they are planning to carry out. Holidaymakers should also make an effort to be aware of their surroundings at all times – Tenerife is as much a victim to pickpockets and hugger muggers as any other popular tourist resort where people are relaxed and enjoying switching off.

One area where the Canaries has a sad reputation is in the sea, where the numbers who drown are among the worst in Spain. People are generally unaware of and unprepared for the conditions here, including undertow and a sea whose temperature is technically “cold”: these are not necessarily any problem provided people are informed in advance of how they can stay safe. Above all, be aware of the beach flags that fly to advise of safety levels, or whether there are lifeguards in place, or even a temporary problem with jellyfish! Please see my page HERE for official advice on Staying Safe in Tenerife’s Waters.

A fundamental part of staying safe is, of course, a full awareness of the EHIC and hospital system in place in Tenerife (see HERE), and the emergency procedures, including the all-important number to call – 112, the equivalent of the UK’s 999. It is also a good idea to be familiar with the Drinkaware campaign, encouraging young holidaymakers to “stick with your mates” … come what may, to the end of the night. :

Two important sites for official information for travellers are UK help and services in Spain and Healthcare in Spain, both UK Government sites. There is also a new official online directory of help and services available: the website is Support in Spain. The official campaign poster is below, and there is a range of further links on my Resources page HERE which include resources on safety of all sorts, including Consulate advice and information for victims of sexual assault.


  1. Hi Janet on the subject of keeping safe and healthy I wonder if any of your followers can offer an update on the sewage problem in Puerto de Santiago which has caused so many people to become ill due to the amount of air bourne infection in that area?
    Seven of our friends suffered from infections when we were out in February & March this year and we are looking for a sickness free break there in October & November. Really appreciate any information about the problem.

    1. Author

      The problem is acknowledged to be an ongoing one, and has caused cancellations or amendments of events like the bay swim (link) or the San Juan beach bonfire (link). The council says that it is aware of the problem and understands the disquiet felt by both public and tourists who can be assured that everything that can be done is being done to resolve the matter.

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