Increased travel discounts of 75% for Canarian residents will be available from Monday morning

Updated 13 July: The national Government’s minister for Transport and Public Works (Ministerio de Fomento), José Luis Ábalos, has confirmed that the 75% resident discount on travel for legal residents of the Canaries, Balearics, and Ceuta and Melilla has today been formally approved by the national Cabinet and will come into force at 9am this coming Monday, 16 July.

The Canarian Government’s Minister for Public Works and Transport, Pablo Rodríguez, says that he has great satisfaction in the success of the Canaries in pushing for the measure to be brought into force immediately rather than waiting several months as might have been possible. The increased discount will be published in the Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE) tomorrow, and will come into force, as usual, the first working day after publication.

Photo: Fernando Clavijo

Updated 3 July: After weeks of controversy, with various rumours running wild from a range of politicians with a range of angles, as to whether the travel discount would happen at all, or take at least six months to happen, or happen within 24 hours, there is finally formal confirmation from Fernando Clavijo, the Canarian President, that the 2.2m Canarians eligible for the 75% discount will be able to avail themselves of it this very month.

Clavijo said in a press conference this afternoon that although administrative considerations had made it possible that the increased discount might take some months to come through, it is an achievement by the Canaries that the national Government’s Department of Transport and Public Works (Ministerio de Fomento) has corrected a potentially grave injustice by pushing the discount through now rather than waiting for a new budgetary year.

Fomento minister José Luis Ábalos, himself at the press conference, confirmed that the 75% resident discount on air and sea travel will be effective this month. Ábalos said that the measure, which will also benefit residents of the Balearic islands and of Ceuta and Melilla, will be approved in a Cabinet meeting on one of the last three Fridays this month.

Original post 16 May: Travel discounts for Canarian residents have been set at 75% for travel between the Canarian islands since last June (see HERE), and now that increased subsidy is set to apply to travel between the Canaries and mainland Spain from this summer. Currently the discount for travel to the mainland is 50% but after an agreement reached between Madrid and the centre-left nationalist political party Nueva Canarias the subsidy is set to be raised to 75%, applicable equally to flights and ferry journeys and to journeys not just to the peninsula but also to the Balearic Islands and the two Spanish enclaves in north Africa, Ceuta and Melilla. Canarian agriculturalists will also benefit from increased subsidies for food produce transport to the rest of Spain.

For details of the resident discount please see the second question (How do we get the resident discount on Spanish flights?) in the Residents & Non-Residents section of the Basics FAQ page HERE. The new 75% discount will come into force later this summer, July at the earliest. The precise date is still to be confirmed.


  1. Do you have to have the residencia to get the travel discount or just registered on the patron?

    1. Author

      well it is a resident discount so of course it is not available to anyone who is not a resident! and there is only one document that shows legal residence and that is a green Certificado de Registro issued by the police to someone who goes and registers with them as a foreigner living in Spain, a registration that is a legal requirement. The padrón is simply a council’s list of local inhabitants, nothing to do with legal registration of residence. So yes, you have to have the “residencia” to get the travel discount.

  2. Hello Janet. Your first comment on this page concerns the discount being applied to the cost of the ferry fare including the car. My friend and neighbour has recently booked passage and travelled back from the Peninsular with her car and dog and FRS would only discount the ‘person/passenger’ part of the cost, not the car. As you can imagine the ferry fares from the Peninsular are not cheap and she was disappointed that a larger part of the cost was not at the discount rate. All her paperwork was up to date; Registro, Empadron viaje, car ownership etc.
    She travelled to the Peninsular before the increase in the discount and only got her hopes up about the return trip when she saw various online articles.
    Is there someone/somewhere official she can approach for clarification of this point?
    Thanks in hope as I’m looking to do the journey myself shortly.

    1. Author

      It’s a subsidy given from the EU via Madrid to the eligible regions, as I understand it, so the best place for clarity would probably be the Canarian Government. The regional transport site is HERE.

  3. I work in the travel industry fly very regularly between here and mainland Spain on a variety of different airlines. Provided the SARA system has successfully verified that you are entitled to the resident discount and provided you receive the message saying that you will not need to show the certificate, you will NOT be required to show the paper certificate when you check in or when you board the plane. Having said that, if for any reason you miss a plane and need to modify or rebook a flight the certificate might be required. It is therefore advisable to travel with it ….

  4. We flew from Tenerife South to Madrid and back in May 2017 with Ryanair. We did not need any Spanish paperwork as we got the same message when we were booking our flights and we got the resident discount. We had no problems at all at the airport and all we had with us were passports and printed tickets ( we might have taken our small green Tarjeta that the police issued but if we did have them, they did not ask to see them). Good luck!

  5. yes I am a resident but I was wondering since Ryan air said “I dont need to prove my residency” because they check before giving you a discount – whether that is the same as not needing to show a certificado de viajes…..

    its not worth asking them as it falls outside of their FAQs and they have no idea how to answer that type of question

    1. Author

      I don’t know because I can’t answer for Ryanair, especially if their FAQ pages don’t give any idea. Apologies, but all I can say is that to get a resident discount passengers need a viaje in every case I’ve ever come across.

  6. erm am flying with ryan air on Thursday when I booked ticket it said “no need to prove residency” (after the check) does that mean I dont need a certificate de viajes?? ( I hope not cos I havent got a valid one now)

    1. Author

      If you want the discount you will need to prove legal residence in the Canaries with any airline I’ve come across, and for that you will need passport, Registro from the police and empadronamiento para viajar from the council. I can’t comment on Ryanair in this respect, I’m afraid, because when I’ve used them I’ve always been going outside of Spain (I presume your own journey is from the Canaries to within Spain otherwise the discount won’t be available in any case).

  7. Rules must vary in different areas of the island.
    I am registered on the padron in Santiago Del Teide and for 2euros every 6 months they issue a certificado de bonification which I have used to obtain local resident discounts on Fred Olsen ferries and at Loro Parque. I am not a Spanish resident. However when trying to book Ryanair tickets to the Spanish mainland discounts have been rejected as they use a computerised link and could not find me on the Santiago Del Teide database.

    1. Author

      Rules do not vary in different parts of the island, nor indeed in the several Canary islands. This Government-subsidised 75% discount on travel is for Canarian residents, not even just Tenerife residents, so certainly not confined to municipalities. It applies equally everywhere in the Canaries.

      In your case, you say you are not a Spanish resident and since these discounts are ONLY for people who are legal residents, and who have therefore registered with police as required by law and so are in possession of a Certificado de Registro, you would not be entitled to it in any case.

      In terms of details not matching, I have explained HERE* (third section, resident discount question) how the SARA system for checking the ayuntamiento database is problematic, but even if it matched absolutely it would not confer an entitlement. For that you need to have registered with the police and made a formal declaration that you are living in Spain.

  8. Good morning Janet

    Does this apply to people who have holiday homes in Tenerife or only to people who live here permanently? As I keep being told different things?
    Are we entitled to any discounts for owning a holiday home here?
    Also, just to say, brilliant informative site, thank you very much.

    1. Author

      It’s for Canarian “residents”. There is only one interpretation of that, i.e. someone who lives here! It cannot apply to holidaymakers, by definition!

      To get the discount, a traveller needs proof both of identity and of living in Spain legally … i.e. passport, Certificado de Registro (registration with the police as a foreigner living in Spain), and an Ayuntamiento “viaje” (certificado de empadronamiento “for travel” given to those registered on the council list of residents, the “padrón”).

      Those who come here on holiday cannot have the second of these, at least, at least not legally because it involves an official declaration that the holder lives in Spain permanently, and some councils (eg Adeje) will not register anyone on the padrón unless they can prove they are permanent residents (and for that they’ll need the police registration certificate).

  9. Val, it should not matter which airline or which website you use as long as there is a box to check to confirm that you are a Canary Island resident. My last trip was to El Hierro with Binter and if you check the box as a resident the website tries to confirm that you are present on the computer system as a resident. If it can’t confirm that online you need to take an in-date Certificado de Emparonamiento de Viaje to the check in desk when you travel in order to get the discount.

  10. Janet, how does this work with booking flights online? Do you have to use certain airlines? I usually check flights initially using Skyscanner then get redirected to which airline I’ve chosen … if you or anyone can explain how the system actually works I’d be grateful please!

    1. Author

      not sure, Val, sorry. It should be just the same as previously with regard to the discount, just that the discount’s increased.

  11. Hi Janet, we have already bought flight tickets to Barcelona in November. Will we now be entitled to another 25% discount?

    1. Author

      No, if you’ve already bought them that’s the price, I’m afraid.

  12. Interested to know if the discount now applies to vehicles taken on ferries?

    1. Author

      yes, it always has, it is a discount on a ferry journey ticket.

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