Travel effects of ash cloud from Grimsvotn Icelandic volcano eruption

A total of 189 passengers are stuck in Tenerife as a result of the ash cloud from the eruption. Turismo de Tenerife says that these travellers are waiting for the sole flight currently affected, a Ryan flight due from Prestwick-Glasgow. Two further flights, one each from Edinburgh and Newcastle, could yet be cancelled.

From the perspective of Tenerife, the situation is not expected to worsen tomorrow, at least as things stand, but Turismo is constantly being updated about the range and direction of the ash cloud, as well as decisions concerning European airports and possible cancellations. The organization is also in constant contact with Ashotel, Aena, APAV (Provincial Association of Travel Agencies) and the Subdelegación del Gobierno en Canarias, in order to co-ordinate any action that might need to be taken.

There is a freecall number for anyone who affected, or worried about being so: lines are staffed by multi-lingual speakers, and can accommodate callers in English, German, French and Spanish. The number is 00800 100 101 00, and is operative between 9am and 5pm every day, including weekends.  El Dia

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