Travesía a nado – bay swim – between Playa La Arena and Puerto Santiago Saturday 6 July

Many coastal resorts hold a Travesía a nado – a competitive swim across the bay – and Santiago del Teide’s is between Playa La Arena and Playa de El Bajío in Puerto Santiago at 5pm on Saturday 6 July. It is the 24th time the travesía has been held and those who want to take part can register HERE, the main website where there is full information of the event.


  1. When I Google ‘Playa de El Bajío in Puerto Santiago’ it shows me Playa Chica. Is this correct? I suppose it must be as it’s the only beach in Puerto Santiago. 🙂 Only I thought the water there was polluted hence the barrier tape at the entrance.

  2. Author

    I hope someone more familiar with the specific area will know, mac, because I’m afraid I don’t know.

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