Santa Cruz Carnaval in full flow as Los Diablos Locos are new winners of adult Murgas

Update 19 February 2011: The adult Murgas have a new winner after Triqui Traques won for the last three years. The competition came to a conclusion late last night, and 2011’s winner was Los Diablos Locos (the Mad Devils)! Here is a video of their performance.

Original post 7 February 2010: One of the main attractions of the Santa Cruz Carnaval, the adult Murgas, came to a conclusion late last night, and for the third year running, Triqui Traques were chosen as the winner with an hilarious two-scened performance. In the first half, they sang humorous and politically charged songs as though they were musical instruments in the Tenerife Symphony Orchester, and in the second part, the scenery was staged to present them as synchronized swimmers. The arena, in the Recinto Portuario, was full to bursting, with an estimated 12,000 crowd there to enjoy the spectacle. LO

Here are tasters of both halves of the victorious Triqui Traques performance:

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