Wednesday, 1 November, is a public holiday

Wednesday, 1 November, is a public holiday

Just a reminder that next Wednesday, 1 November, is a public holiday for Todos los Santos. It follows Halloween, of course, the night of 31 October which ancient lore taught was when the boundaries between the living and spirit realms dissolved, and the dead roamed. The Christian answer, however, comes with the dawn, and on 1 November, All Saints Day is celebrated throughout the Spanish-speaking world with the spotlight on the souls of the departed which have been safely gathered in. The main focus are the cemeteries where whole families gather with food and flowers to reunite with their lost loved ones, and to celebrate their lives as well as mourn their deaths. Quite literally, it is the Day of the Dead. Throughout Spain, including Tenerife apart from the main tourist areas, banks, most offices and many shops will be closed. For a full list of 2017′s public holidays, please see HERE.


  1. Will playa sa juan market be on ?

  2. Author

    I don’t know, I’m afraid.

  3. Annette you beat me to it. We arrive Los gig late on Tuesday night and always go. Will be disappointed if we can’t as we only here for one week this year.

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