Turismo introduces Wrath of the Titans touristic route, hopefully the first in a series of many

Turismo has started to develop a series of touristic routes through the scenes of major productions that have been filmed in Tenerife: it is starting, of course, with the Wrath of the Titans.

There is a detailed click to read brochure HERE accompanied by a google map HERE intended to encourage tourists to see the island through the eyes of Perseus, and discovering the unique experiences Tenerife has to offer, with desert landscapes, subtropical forests, lava fields, beaches, and spectacular cliffs all co-existing side by side. Turismo hopes that this very diversity will attract many more film makers to the island, offering them an environment that could be the backdrop for scenes set anywhere from old Havana to the tropics, and anything in between.

According to the Tenerife Film Commission, 2011 saw 558 days of filming here in various formats, whether full scale movies like Wrath of the Titans, television programmes, or holiday adverts. Since 2000, the Commission has supported the filming of 814 productions, recordings and photographic sessions, mainly from Spanish, German and British producers. Turismo hopes that this record will continue and that it will be able to offer many more such touristic routes as that of the Wrath of the Titans.


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