Police seek driver of car involved in fatal accident on TF1

Update 7 May: The Guardia Civil are seeking the driver of the car which ran over this poor motorcyclist near the Radazul exit of the TF1, and who fled the scene of the accident. Apart from the details of the vehicles which the police have from various witnesses, they have also recovered several pieces of the car which broke off as a result of the impact, and which are currently being analysed. PV

Update 4 May: Another person has died after being run over on a motorway here. The accident happened just after midnight last night on the northbound TF1 at El Rosario. It seems the poor man fell off his motorbike and was hit by a passing car. He was 49 years old, and medics could do nothing for him other than confirm his death at the scene. PV

Original post 29 April: A man has been killed after being run over on the TF1 near Güímar. The tragedy happened on the south-bound carriageway, and despite the attendance of emergency services, paramedics could do nothing more for him than confirm his death at the scene. Some sources say the accident happened at 9.30 last evening, others at 9.30 this morning, but either way, the poor soul has still not been identified, though some sources say he was an indigent. He is said to have suffered a heart attack.

In a separate incident, a 19-year-old youth was run over last evening on the TF5 in the Vista Bella area between Santa Cruz and La Laguna. Thankfully on this occasion there was a happier outcome, with the lad suffering non-critical head and chest injuries. He was transferred to Candelaria where he remains for treatment. PV

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