Two Adeje men arrested for aggravated robbery in Playa Paraiso supermarket

The Guardia Civil has arrested two Italian residents of Adeje for aggravated robbery in a Playa Paraiso supermarket on 4 August. The men, 43 and 46 years old, carried out their raid on the store around 9pm as it was about to close. Having tied up two employees and making them lie on the floor while threatening them with a knife, the thieves, wearing balaclavas, forced a third employee to open the safe, and made their getaway with €2,000 in cash. A customer who happened upon the crime was also tied up by the robbers.

Thanks to the prompt and effective action of the Guardia Civil, one of the thieves was detained on Thursday. A search of his home provided clear evidence of his involvement in the crime. His accomplice was picked up on Friday morning along with some of the money stolen, as well as a quantity of hash already divided and packed for sale.  La Opinion

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