Two bodies found burnt to death inside vehicle in Santa Cruz area

Update 10.30pm: Police say that the bodies are of a 70-year-old El Sauzal couple, and that they were found in the front seats of the vehicle. They say that for the moment, they do not suspect violence was involved, and that the couple appeared very peaceful. The family has been informed, and a son said that they were receiving psychiatric treatment. Their bodies have been transferred to the Instituto Anatómico Forense. Police investigations continue. El Dia

Original post 7pm: I’m sorry this is a such an horrendous story, but it’s in quite a few papers here so it’s not easy to ignore.

Two bodies have been found burnt to death inside a vehicle parked on an open area in Montaña Talavera, next to the area of Llano del Moro, in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife municipality. The dreadful event seems to have taken place betweeen 1 and 1.20pm this afternoon, when locals alerted the authorities to a column of smoke billowing from a white Renault Kangoo. Policía local officers from Santa Cruz and El Rosario, as well as National Police and bomberos all attended the scene, but none could do anything for the two poor souls inside the vehicle, who are still unidentified.

I’ll post more as the information becomes available. PV

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