Two British men arrested at Madrid airport for refusing to wear face masks on Iberia flight

The Guardia Civil has said that two British men were arrested after flying from Tenerife to Madrid earlier this week on an Iberia flight which they boarded drunk and on which they refused to wear face masks. Their behaviour on board disturbed other passengers and they were escorted from the plane by the Guardia Civil on the flight’s arrival at Barajas Airport. Iberia says that it alerted the police because it is a public transport provider and Spanish law presently requires face masks to be worn at all times during travel. Both men have been taken into custody and can expect to be charged with offences ranging from being drunk and disorderly, refusing to wear face masks, shouting at and mocking other passengers, endangering a flight, resisting arrest, and assaulting police officers in the course of their duty.


  1. Guys,
    As a frequent traveller, I understood that ALL passengers are vetted BEFORE boarding a plane and COULD be refused the trip if found to be drunk like these two clearly were.
    Another two wallies giving the Brits a bad rep

  2. Given many of your previous posts Theresa I never thought that I might agree With you on something. However on this occasion I entirely agree with you 😀
    I think alcohol has played a major part in this incident.

  3. I was somewhat pleased to read these two idiots have been arrested for a few infringements of Spanish law, masks, d and d, endangering a flight and even better, assaulting police in the course of duty. Perhaps if/when they get back to the UK they might be more appreciative of our ‘cuddly’ police officers. Serves them right and good on the Guardia Civil – not exactly the police to try having a pop at they do expect (and receive) a certain degree of respect!

  4. Author

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