Two British men injured, one seriously, after jumping into empty Playa de las Américas pool

Two 31-year-old British men have been injured, one seriously, after jumping into an empty pool in a holiday apartment complex in Calle Las Verónicas in Playa de Las Américas. After emergency services received a call out shortly after 1am last night, paramedics attended to find one of the men with a fractured skull and the other with ankle injuries. Both were taken by ambulance to Hospitén Sur while the national police investigate the incident.


  1. No surprises with this bit of news. What’s wrong with these people? Natural selection as M said 🙂

  2. Ah,but did they know that the pool was empty!,if it was empty where there signs around?

  3. Author

    At 1 in the morning, pools are off limits even if full, of course.

  4. Ref comment by Sally 1Feb 3;39
    Natural Selection !!!!!! Im a Spanish speaking friend of the father of one of the above lads over here in the UK, and I am shocked by your response. The father is in bits trying to get news about his son and arrange flights to get to him.
    Natural selection must of passed you by Madam!!!!!
    PS if you want to pass your views to the father he will be at the hospital 2morrow feel free to approach him.

  5. Author

    Paul, on the practical side of things, is the father (are the injured men) getting help from the consulate?

  6. Not sure? Father rang me in bits around 11.00 asking me to ring the hospital, they wouldn’t comment to me as not direct family, only that I should ask father to fly over ASAP due to grave head injuries. I’ve been unable to contact the father since I relayed the terrible news to him, I can only assume he has found a flight and is on his way.
    PS I’m really angry about above post from Sally, simple people always make simple comments, and to add insult to injury with a Smilly Face just adds to the insult ” grow up” I just hope you never in the same situation Sally!!!!

  7. Author

    OK, Paul, next time you speak to your friend, please ask if he is receiving consular assistance. If not, please let me know and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do to help. And good luck to them, whatever the circumstances were last night it’s a serious situation today.

  8. My heart goes out to Andy and his family. I’m a colleague of Andy’s and have only heard the news today. Andy is a fantastic guy who would help anyone at the drop of a hat. I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing him for the past 18 months or so long may that continue with a speedy recovery.

  9. I can concur every thing Paul Lopez has said,however I think Sally should read comics so she cannot comment on real life trauma in this way again…ps I hope with all my heart as a farther that these guys recover in a speedy way..ppss, my heart goes out to both family’s and friends..

  10. Thoughts go out to andy and his family !!!! Hope you get better soon dude

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