Two British teenagers among several arrested for series of burglaries in Tenerife

It’s been a bad day for thieves in Tenerife, with three separate series of arrests.

The first was in Adeje, where Guardia Civil officers have broken up a gang who have been robbing bars and petrol stations. The thieves were surprised in the act of burgling a bar in Playa Paraíso by a neighbour who managed to get the registration number of the vehicle they were using. Police spotted it shortly afterwards, and apprehended the driver who was waiting while yet another bar was being robbed. The thieves returned to the car with their spoils and, seeing the police, legged it, but the driver’s confession included their names and addresses and all the gang are now in police custody.

The second success was in San Miguel, where a couple of British youngsters, a lad of 16 and a girl of 17, were arrested thanks to security cameras recording their burglary of a bar on several occasions.

Finally, four north African youths have been arrested by National Police for a series of burglaries in houses in the San Honorato area of La Laguna after fed-up residents set guard on their own. PV

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